The website hosting provider of my choice is the company Kualo that has excellent website server hosting options from Shared, Cloud and Dedicated servers.

And within each of these options you can have websites running on WordPress, Joomla or any other application that you want to use including your own developed application.

All the websites that I manage that includes obvious my own websites but also for some clients are all hosted at Kualo which is for me on the best website server hosting provider here in the UK and beyond.

I registered with Kualo on the 8th of May 2012 and never looked for any other website hoster anymore because

a) The price is great
b) The support is great
c) Never had any downtime which was not my own fault
d) If there was a downtime because of my own stupidity then Kualo support solved it within minutes
e) Free migrations
f) Domain name registration
g) It has WordPress sites
h) It has Joomla packages
i) It has eCommerce packages
j) There is a growth pack

And I can continue which is all nice and gloomy but in the end, you will need to write down your requirements and use these to search for a data centre hosting company that suits these requirements.
My recommendation is Kualo which you can do directly at the Kualo site or by contacting me.
In case you are not ready yet to host your website(s) at Kualo then please read on and I am sure that I can convince you.


My first contact with any Internet Provider was XS4ALL in the Netherlands and by some was absolutely the best ISP ever which now has been taken over by the British Telecom of the Netherlands, KPN.

Having a technical background and knowing that there are technical guys and girls at the support of some of the hosting company made clear to me that a good support system is inevitable.

Yes, I can do a lot but not all and basically need to stay away from the technical stuff but I always want to be sure that the people of support are technical capable to understand what I write.

I do understand ITIL and the management services having worked there myself and even gave a training in ITIL. However, the main issue is that on Helpdesk Services there are a few layers Helpdesk 1, 2 and 3 engineers where the Helpdesk 1 engineers have nearly no IT knowledge and Helpdesk 3 engineers been the gurus.

Talking to someone with no knowledge can be very frustrating and often takes a long time before anything is solved because of the going back and forward between the customers, Helpdesk 1, to Helpdesk 2 with answers or questions going back to the customer.

This might all at Kualo as well however after testing out their customer support it turns out that they react quickly and solve issues even faster and that is what I was looking for.

Obviously, the price was looked at a growth in case I need larger servers which is the case by just moving all to a new server in a matter of minutes.

It was even so that two migrations of two old Joomla environments including upgrade to the then latest version was all done by Kualo.

And in 2011 I started to look at data-centre hosting provider companies and finally made the decision for Kualo and never look at any other hosting company anymore.


With so many website hosting providers to choose from it might be a daunting task which one to choose. And it took me some time to finally decide for Kualo and I had a few others but it just did not work out so I left, sometimes even within a day.

There are so many out there that it might be a good thing to test a few out but what do you want to test. You pay money for a hostname and if you leave then you cannot take that hostname with you within 60 days or so.

Reading reviews might help but, in all honesty, many of the reviews are just utter rubbish and completely useless especially when you just start with a website.


The first steps are to write down your requirements and your expectations.

You do not need to do that in technical terms like I want my website to load within 2 seconds.

I can help you with writing down the requirements, if you get stuck, just give me a ring and we have a chat.

  • What kind of site will it be, a WordPress blogging site or an eCommerce site?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have a business plan?
  • Do you have a marketing plan?
  • And so, there are many more questions about your business but on the other site there will be questions to the Hosting Provider.
  • Do you have growth features in case my website growths very large?
  • Are their migration options to bigger or faster servers?
  • Do I have downtime when migrating?


I chose for Kualo basically because of their quick support and they have a growth path in case I want to migrate to new servers.

Great was their free migration servers but being technical I could have done myself but saved me really a lot of time.

Having cPanel is great but basically all hosting providers provide that.

When targeting the USA it would be great to have servers in the USA l though a Content Delivery Network (CDN) will help and with the cPanel you will find Cloudflare cPanel.

Maybe Cloudflare is not number 1 but starting a website it will absolutely do, there is no need for a paid CDN service.


In case you want to go eCommerce then there are dedicated packages for eCommerce systems that includes for example Magento but also PrestaShop, it is more what you like best.


If you stick to WordPress, then there are great WordPress solutions that are fast and as mentioned before, if you need growth, then you can upgrade the server with more memory, more disks but all Hosting Providers have that.


The pricing is important but when your website is generating revenue then a “cheap” server can become a problem therefore I would not recommend to go for the cheapest but there is most likely also no reason to go for the most expensive. Again, Kualo is priced nicely.


As I wrote at the start of this article, my recommendation is Kualo, not only because I can make a little money as an affiliate more that I believe that Kualo is one of the better so not the best hosting provider.

For me personally, there is no reason to leave Kualo. I am very happy with the service they provide and therefore I am more than willing to help you to start hosting your website with Kualo.

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