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SEO Software comes at a price that for many is just too much and having the ability to buy cheap SEO software especially when it is great software at a discounted price would be a great benefit.

It might always be risky to buy cheap SEO tools. Nobody wants long-lasting contracts and when the software does not bring the expected result you are stuck with suddenly way too expensive software even though it was cheap.

There are many websites writing about the best cheap seo software but have owners or employees of these website been testing all the tools?

Are there any use cases which obviously takes time and indeed to create a wonderful article about an SEO tool you do need to test it so you can write from experience. Remember that Google wants quality content and not just content that writes how amazing certain software is without the backing of tests or better production.

As mentioned in the SEO PowerSuite article, this SEO tool is a Forever FREE tool but as with every “free” version, it lacks some features.

In many cases you do not need features like creating report because it might be that you only use SEO PowerSuite for yourself and therefore do not need reporting.

However, once you get clients then reporting is a great thing but this only comes with the two licensed versions and yes, the standard price might be too much.

Computer Forever On

Although the FREE version does not allow you to save files, you still can use the FREE version without losing the data by using a Computer Forever On solution. It is nothing else than a 2nd machine that can be a desktop and you connect to that desktop with a remote access solution.

SEO Clients

Once you get clients, it is clear that upgrading to the Professional or perhaps Enterprise version is inevitable but the SEO PowerSuite price might hold you back and look for other options.

No matter what you look for, all SEO tools on the market will ask money for a license.

Discount SEO PowerSuite

The interesting point about the SEO PowerSuite pricing is that every now and then there are massive discounts with sEO Software discount rate of up to 70%.

Just imagine that you buy a license for SEO Professional which will set you back £259 annually or the Enterprise version which costs a “massive” £609 per year.

Pricing SEO PowerSuite Editions
Pricing SEO PowerSuite Editions

And suddenly you see all advertisements popping up telling you about the SEO PowerSuite discount.

Still, the option is to download the FREE edition and use that for some time before making the decision to buy a license. You still can wait for the next discount which will happen within the next 6 months.

How often does the SEO PowerSuite Discount happen?

Every 3 to 6 months there is a marketing campaign from SEO PowerSuite giving you the opportunity to bye SEO PowerSuite with a massive discount rate of 70%.

Why pay £609 where you can get the same for £609 – (70% * £609)?

The 70%, however, only last for one day because the following day the discount is 65% followed by 60% and after 3 days the campaign is over.

SEO PowerSuite in 2020

The next SEO PowerSuite sale is scheduled from the 9th of June to the 11th of June. This means that on the 9th of June you will get a 70% discount, the 10th of June there will be a 65% discount and on the 11th of June, a 60% discount is coming your way.

The 12th of June will be the day to wait again for the next sale.

In order to have excellent first class SEO software then download the FREE edition for FREE test it and make sure you but SEO PowerSuite with a great discount making it great cheap SEO software.

4 Different Tools

The SEO PowerSuite consists of 4 different SEO Tools, Website Auditor, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant and if you are interested in only 1 of the tools because for example your business is a backlink builder business and therefore you are not interested in Website Auditor.

Then still best would be to purchase Website Auditor as well and regularly audit the site of the client just because the website must be solid. Too many errors can give a negative effect on the overall ranking process.


Whatever you choose, a 70% discount is massive and I would recommend to use it once you have worked with the FREE Version and are in need of an SEO PowerSuite upgrade.

If the upcoming SEO PowerSuite marketing campaign is too early to make a decision then, as mentioned, go for the FREE Edition and wait for the next campaign so you can get this great SEO software tool for a great price.

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