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Searching for prospect link sites is done with SEO PowerSuite’s Link Assistant Tool. I have been using this tool for many years now and will keep using it for the foreseeable future as it just brings great results.

After using LinkAssistant, and I have used other link builder tools as well, it is clear that there is no match when I start comparing. It is convenient, it runs on my laptop, it runs on Linux, I can use my local cloud for data, and that all for a reasonable price.

All my requirements are met and that is the main important thing.

I will get into more detail and the functionality of this magnificent piece of link-building software and the way it works and how I work with it.

Running your own business and perhaps doing your own search engine optimisation and looking for sites to build links from then there is probably no better tool and you can run it even for free.


Just like the other 3 tools of the SEO PowerSuite, LinkAssistant also comes in the FREE, Professional and Enterprise Edition.


Finding prospects is the first important step, obviously, you can try to search them manually but getting help in searching is not only faster, but it also gives so many prospects in a very short time that the research for “the best” prospect can start very quickly.

As you can see the Search Method that you chose focuses already on certain prospects like sites that are open for Guest Posting or Directories.

search for prospects
search for prospects

This also means that you can run local search queries by selecting “local” search engines. The majority will be search engines from Google however there are plenty of others that you will find in the list.


Sending emails is very easy when you make use of the inbuilt client. You will need to configure it with the IMAP/POP3 and SMTP service although you might only be interested in the SMTP service and use an external email client to deal with all the emails.

Sending emails through 3rd party providers is possible however you must be aware that when you use these 3rd party providers and start importing emails, they will ask if the email addresses have been verified and unfortunately that is not the case.

As you can see the email client has an inbox and you also can make use of the created templates although I would recommend cloning a template and updating the new template to your satisfaction.

email templates
email templates
linkassitant email template
link assistant email template


You will see that there will be many records without an email address or an email address like or next to many other variations where “abuse” is used. It is clear that emails sent to these email addresses do go nowhere.


A browser has been built in which sometimes you might choose over the external browser.

As you can see it is straightforward to open a website, not only by typing the URL but you also can use additional mouse functions like “right-mouse-click” and then open in the external or inbuilt browser.

harvest urls
harvest urls


You can quickly see how “powerful” your domain is and the option to add some information like PA/DA metrics from Moz, you will need to request a FREE API.

domain strength
domain strength

Searching for prospects gives you the opportunity to update the MOZ DA/PA stat that so many people in the SEO world use.

Moz does have the option for a FREE API but FREE is really limited and for me doing SEO for clients it is important however when you do SEO for your own site and not for clients then drop DA/PA and use the ranking method that SEO PowerSuite holds, that is really good enough to find good powerful sites that help you rank in the search engines.


The reporting part might be less interesting for you if you just want to do your own website or for a few clients and then just use Snippet or Snip & Sketch to copy the detail into your own branded report that you can send to your client.

In the end, all the information is there and you can add information or create your own templates that you then can save as a PDF and send to clients.

link assistant reporting
link assistant reporting
link assistant reporting templates
link assistant reporting templates


I am convinced that you would like this great link builder tool and recommend downloading the SEO PowerSuite Link Assistant Tool FREE Edition and enjoying the backlink building process part of search engine optimisation.

It does not matter if you use the software for clients, the main thing is that it works, it is affordable and does not need too much explanation although there are always more complex scenarios to think off and for that, it would be good to talk to a freelancer SEO expert having the skills to get backlinks.

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