“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”

– Phil Frost, Main Street ROI”


A website is not just there to do nothing. Visitors need to become customers if the goal is to make a profit therefore Search Engine Optimisation equals to generating leads turning them into happy paying customers.

Out of many SEO tools on the market, the software packages highlighted here will do the job without hesitation and without spending too much. In some cases, the tools are even free.

SEO is not just for an agency or a guru, many webmasters run their own search engine optimisation with great success.

The DIY approach has basically only one question, do you have the time to do your own SEO next to running your own business/website?


Check out the following tools, download for free, start a trial version and start generating leads.

seo powersuite

With so many SEO tools out there it might be difficult to choose. However, why choose when you can have one of the better if not the best tool and start using it for free.

This is not a FREE trial version, it is a forever free version.

SEO Direction

It is not just checking the ranking of your website in the search engines but what about conversion, creating content or building links.
There is so much more in SEO land but it all comes down to getting more relevant traffic.

SEO PowerSuite 70% discount
SEO PowerSuite 70% discount


Whether you are a seasoned webmaster or just play along with your own website search engine optimisation is the way to go to generate leads.

Forget all the “I know better” advertisements. Use common sense, your own knowledge, your own experience and you can rank any website.

4 different SEO tools in one perfect suite


With only 4 tools the SEO world is yours. Just 4 tools that bring the best out of you and help to generate leads for any website by ranking higher in the search engines, beating your competitors.

Website Auditor
Rank Tracker
SEO SpyGlass
Link Assistant


Search Engine Optimisation is absolutely needed to start ranking your website but when you can’t effort a SEO Agency or would like to learn it yourself then starting with FREE DIY SEO SOFTWARE is the way to go.

Even if, in a later stage, you want to outsource the search engine optimisation process then it is good to have an understanding so you know what to talk about and the good thing is you will learn by “Do It Yourself”.


There are many SEO software tools out there and even some for free. But the initial question will be if a free tool can bring the same result as a paid version and the automatic answer will be that the paid version always has more features than a free SEO Tool.

This does not mean that a free SEO tool cannot be useful because it clearly can.

SEO TOOL Comparison

Reading SEO Tool comparison sites will give you a good insight into what a tool can do but SEO is more than just a single tool. SEO consists of many elements that need to be tackled although some elements are more important than others.


If your clients are very local and your advertisements are targeting audience in the vicinity of your business then local SEO is what you need to focus on. For the tool itself, there is no difference between SEO tools and local SEO tools, in as-sense the SEO process is the same although for keyword research you will obvious target your local area which can be the city or your and surrounding postcodes.


Many tools and here like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz Pro, Netpeak Software, Raven Tools, Screaming Frog, SE Ranking, SEMrush, SERPstat, SpyFu and some of them I have used in the past and some of them I still use.

All these tools have its pros and cons but here at Keenclick I have decided to purchase a SEO PowerSuite license and occasionally I will use Screaming Frog.

Reason for me to go for SEO PowerSuite is that I can run it locally on my computers both on Windows and Linux. Many of the vendors have a cloud version and that makes the SEO tool more expensive, in the end, someone needs to pay for all the hardware in the hosting centre.

SEO Tools for Webmasters
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SEO Tools for Webmasters
SEO Tools for Webmasters is just doing that, describe the best tools out there for Webmaster to do their own SEO.
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