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SEO Tools is software that many SEO Experts and Consultants started with to optimize their and their client’s website(s). SEO gurus all use a different set of tools and more and more software tools become available helping SEO consultants ranking their and their client’s websites in the search engines.

Here at SEO Tools for Webmasters, you will read about the software used by a wide range of writers writing their own stories. Some tools are free, some are expensive but most important is that the software is used in delivering the expected result.

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”

– Phil Frost, Main Street ROI”

Here at SEO Tools for Webmasters, we discuss SEO Tools that webmasters use. Tools that webmasters are comfortable with using, some might be expensive which is obviously the reason to go for a cheaper solution.

SEO falls in basically 4 categories, auditing, ranking, spying, building. Some tools do all for, some only do a subset of these 4.

SEO PowerSuite is not a trial version unless you think FOREVER is a TRIAL Forever. The biggest problem with the trial versions is the limited time you get to test them. Especially as a freelancer, there is just that limited time of “free” time, something always happens that has a higher priority.

The FOREVER SEO Software has its feature limitations but if you do not need those then the FREE version is enough for someone to run their own Search Engine Optimisation project.


Whether you are a seasoned webmaster or just play along with your own website search engine optimization can be pretty expensive.

Forget all the “I know better” advertisements. Use common sense, your own knowledge, your own experience and you can rank any website.

seo powersuite

With so many SEO tools out there it might be difficult to choose. However, why choose when you can have one of the better if not the best tool and start using it for free.

This is not a FREE trial version, it is a forever free version.

SEO Direction

It is not just checking the ranking of your website in the search engines but what about conversion, creating content, or building links.
There is so much more in SEO land but it all comes down to getting more relevant traffic.

seo powersuite


The world of SEO is huge, so many experts, gurus, and all who know better but why not use your own brain and think before spending loads of money.

Use Forever FREE SEO Software that does exactly the same as the “expensive” software tools.


4 different SEO tools in one perfect suite


With only 4 tools the SEO world is yours. Just 4 tools that bring the best out of you and help to generate leads for any website by ranking higher in the search engines, beating your competitors.

Website Auditor
Rank Tracker
SEO SpyGlass
Link Assistant


Search Engine Optimisation is absolutely needed to start ranking your website but when you can’t effort an SEO Agency or would like to learn it yourself then starting with DIY SEO software is the way to go.

Even if, in a later stage, you want to outsource the search engine optimisation process then it is good to have an understanding so you know what to talk about and the good thing is you will learn by “Do It Yourself”.


There are many SEO software tools out there and even some for free.

I hear you thinking that a FREE tool cannot be the same as a PAID version and the automatic answer will be that the paid version always has more features than a free SEO Tool but the underlying algorithms should be exactly the same.


Reading SEO software tool comparison sites give you a good insight into what a tool can do but SEO is more than just a single tool. SEO consists of many elements that need to be tackled although some elements are more important than others.


If your clients targeting their local community and their audience in the vicinity of your business then local SEO is what you need to focus on.

The SEO software is the same although for keyword research you will obviously target your local area which can be the city where your business is located.


Nowadays you see many tools running in the cloud which looks great but do not underestimate the costs if you need features that are only available through the paid version.

All the hardware in the datacenter comes at a cost but at the same time running the SEO software in your own datacentre or perhaps even your laptop also comes with a cost, especially when you look at an “always on” solution where you might use an “old” computer and a remote desktop solution.

The main point here at SEO Tools for Webmasters is that the Forever FREE SEO Software tool that you use is indeed FREE Forever and not just a trial version. This FREE Forever must have all the “ingredients” to rank your website the same way a professional does.

Leave your remarks at the various pages, join our newsletter and for all happy ranking.